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New Release from Jake Ryan and James Diorio

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"Crypto Decrypted does an amazing job identifying and demystifying popular crypto myths, explaining misunderstood, ignored and essential concepts of blockchain and demonstrating overall how this technology will play into the next long-wave economic cycle. It's clear that the Information Age has ended and that we are entering the Age of Autonomy. This book helps you get a good grasp on where we are headed in the near future and how to capitalize on it."

Anthony Scaramucci



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Should you have to ask permission to use your own money?

Crypto empowers individuals to have freedom and flexibility without banking control—and it's here to stay.

Key Concepts

The basics of blockchain technology and how to better navigate this new world
The truth about the most common myths around crypto and blockchain
The Byzantine Generals' Problem and how it impacts your future
Why blockchain technology is relevant to everyone
How blockchain innovation is transforming our economy and society
How to participate in low-risk crypto and diversify your retirement portfolio
Why the Information Age is over and what entering the Age of Automomy® means for your children

Experts Weigh In...

Crypto Decrypted does an amazing job identifying and demystifying popular crypto myths, explaining misunderstood, ignored and essential concepts of blockchain, and demonstrating overall how this technology will play into the next long-wave economic cycle. It’s clear that the Information Age has ended and that we are entering the Age of Autonomy. This book helps you get a good grasp on where we are headed in the near future and how to capitalize on it.”

― Anthony Scaramucci, Founder and Managing Partner, SkyBridge Capital

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Crypto Decrypted is the right book at the right time, primed to be the ultimate ‘explainer’ to all of your friends who want to explore, use and invest in cryptocurrency, or even just play in the Web3 world of NFTs, blockchain gaming and that spooky thing called the metaverse.”

― Michael Terpin, “The Godfather of Crypto” (CNBC), CEO, Transform Ventures

“Ryan and Diorio address controversial topics about crypto in a level-headed way. They make the foundations clear, such as the Byzantine Generals problem of trust, which in turn allows them to identify opportunities and explain why they are here to stay.”

― Risto Miikkulainen, Professor of Computer Science and Neuroscience, the University of Texas at Austin; Director of the UTCS Neural Networks Research Group


“If you’re looking for an informative and comprehensive guide to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web 3.0 then look no further than Crypto Decrypted. This book provides a detailed overview of blockchain technology, digital assets, the market today and in the future, and the opportunities associated with understanding it and investing in it.”

― Justin Donald, Bestselling Author, Podcast Host, and Founder of The Lifestyle Investor

“This book demystifies crypto like no other. The mainstream media has been portraying crypto with skepticism and doubt like the witch hunts during 15th century Europe. Jake and James address the most common myths and debunk them with clarity, simplicity, and elegance. Read this book over a weekend and don’t wait. You may be missing out on the chance of a lifetime for your financial independence.”

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― Joshua Hong, Founder, Synesis One


“The power of crypto levels the playing field for everyone regardless of their location or social status. Jake and James provide a unique and welcome pause in the midst of this high-speed movement through their foundational read on the future of Digital Assets.”

― Tom Shaughnessy, Co-Founder Delphi Digital and VC at Delphi Ventures

“Ryan and Diorio are savvy fund managers who made the right calls during the ‘crypto winter.’ They’ve mastered long-run strategies for investors. Make Crypto Decrypted the book you read to make smart, sensible, profitable investing decisions in the changing markets of the post-2022 world.”


― Hon. J. Christopher Giancarlo, Former Chairman, US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Author of CryptoDad: The Fight for the Future of Money


“A thoughtful, timely, and compelling ‘unpacking’ of an important but still widely misunderstood space, useful both to practitioners and the general public.”

― Stuart MacDonald, Chairman at Aaro Capital and Managing Partner at Bride Valley Partners

Crypto Decrypted is a valuable, pioneering contribution to this space. It’s a must-read for the full spectrum of readers interested in crypto assets—the curious, skeptical, convinced, or passionately enthusiastic. Those who apply the recommendations in the last quarter of the book will be all the wiser for doing so.”

― Bruce Barkis, MSOD, Adjunct Professor, Marketing and Management, Pepperdine Graziadio Business School


“Understanding is the key to achieving. By shining light on the breakthrough that most ignore and dispelling common myths, Jake and James create a strong foundation for understanding this new technology, which can only lead to better investing and wiser participation in the unfolding future.”

― Robert Edward Grant, Best-Selling Author of PHILOMATH and POLYMATH; Former CEO Bausch and Lomb Surgical; Founder and CEO Crown Sterling

2023 Globee Awards
Bronze Winner

"Best Business Book"


Inside Crypto Decrypted

Part I: The Primer

Chapter 1: What’s the Big Deal About Blockchain?

Chapter 2: Bitcoin, the First Application of a Blockchain

Chapter 3: What Makes a Smart Contract Smart?

Chapter 4: What is DeFi?

Chapter 5: The Metaverse, NFTs, and Web 3.0

Bitcoin Tower

Part II: Debunking Myths

Chapter 6: Myth — Regulation Will Kill Crypto

Chapter 7: Myth — Crypto is a Bubble

Chapter 8: Myth — Crypto is Bad for the Environment

Chapter 9: Myth — Crypto Empowers Crime

Chapter 10: Guarding Against Fraud

GPU Miner

Part III: The Breakthrough

Chapter 11: A Primer on Technological Innovation

Chapter 12: The Byzantine Generals Problem

Chapter 13: Peer-to-Peer Models

Chapter 14: Trusting Trustless Transactions

Chapter 15: No Permission Required

Chapter 16: Digital Scarcity

Chapter 17: A New Decentralized, Autonomous Economy

Chapter 18: Liquid Venture

Bitcoin Balance

Part IV: The Application

Chapter 19: Signals versus Noise

Chapter 20: Interpreting Charts

Chapter 21: Crypto as Diversification in a Total Portfolio

Chapter 22: Savings, Borrowing, Income Strategies, and Taxes

Chapter 23: Investing and Retirement

Chapter 24: Looking Ahead

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Crypto explained simply...

Break through your “crypto curiosity” and uncover why blockchain innovation will revolutionize our economy, culture, and the future of investing—as well as how to navigate it safely. 


Between the booms, crashes, jargon, and flashy memes, blockchain technology and digital assets have not been easy for ordinary investors to understand. Hopeful investors in blockchain, digital assets, and crypto everywhere have a lengthy list of questions—and the list keeps getting longer and more nuanced. But who do they turn to for answers?


In Crypto Decrypted, Tradecraft Capital’s Jake Ryan and James Diorio decrypt a new world that is hidden in plain view, accessible currently to folks “in the know.” This book is for anyone who finds themselves lost in the blockchain babble, exploring and explaining not only how to participate, but the often overlooked reasons why this new technology is relevant to every human being. 


Ryan and Diorio dive in deeply, debunking common myths, clarifying major breakthroughs that are often disregarded, and providing easy-to-understand answers for both crypto newbies and blockchain enthusiasts, so they can move beyond the short-term to explore what great opportunities lie ahead for blockchain technologies while providing approaches to investing more safely and soundly so that you too can profit from this technological revolution.


Just as the internet revolutionized our world decades ago, blockchain technology will impact every person and business on the planet—for the better—in the decades to come.

the Authors

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James Diorio

JAMES DIORIO is the Chief Executive Officer of Tradecraft Capital. He is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and executive with a foundation in computer science and a history of creating and growing companies to realize their full potential. He is the author of the Crypto: Decrypted® monthly blog, which focuses on education, insights, and providing clarity in this often-misunderstood space.

Jake Ryan

JAKE RYAN is the Chief Investment Officer of Tradecraft Capital. He is a former computer scientist and software engineer, and an advisor to several venture-backed startups focusing on AI. He has contributed to Newsweek, Bloomberg, Ameritrade Institutional, Harvard Business Review, and Business Insider.

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